Quotes by Oswald Chambers and Secret bathroom tips for moms!

I organized a ladies prayer group that is meeting in our local park tomorrow to pray for our community. I have been reflecting on the power of prayer and I thought I would share a few of my favorite quotes from Oswald Chambers. These chunks of wisdom come from his book, “Treasures from My Utmost for His Highest.” This gem of a book sits in a basket in my bathroom. And as I am sure many of you moms who know that infamous bathroom trick, this book is a great read when you have a few quiet moments in the bathroom. ( here is the old bathroom trick, in case you are a fairly new mom and haven’t gotten the word on this one…….teach the kids that they must leave you alone while you are in the bathroom and the door is shut. Then just stay in there after you have taken care of business, and read, relax or just enjoy the quiet! Heck, experienced moms even go into the bathroom and shut the door even when they don’t have to go!)


~ The meaning of prayer is that we get hold of God, not the answer~


~If we think of prayer as the breath in our lungs and the blood from our hearts, we think rightly. The blood flows ceaselessly, and breathing continues ceaselessly; we are not conscious of it, but it is always going on.~


~It is not so true that “prayer changes things”, as prayer changes me, and I change things~


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