Truly indescribable!

 I am so moved by this video, the pictures are breathtaking, it inpires my heart once again to visually see how indescribable God is!
So ladies find a quiet moment in your day, pour a glass of cold lemonade, watch the video, and meditate on how great God’s majesty is!

Indescribable (Live from Austin Hall)


  1. I love that song! I always feel awestuck by how great God is when I am in nature. We went to the ocean this weekend, and man just sitting there on the beach gives you peace in knowing that only God knows every single grain of sand out there. Only He can make the water keep it’s borders. So humbling…it does make you fall to your knees.

  2. The title of this song was the inspiration to my blog. God does so many amazing, amazing things, my human mind cannot wrap around most of them, let alone describe them. This song reminds me of how truly powerful the Lord is… a reminder my humaness needs constantly. Thanks for sharing the video.

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