Wow, my laundry room floor is white!

Yes I know this may be shocking for some of you, but it has been a busy month for us, and I have not seen the floor of my laundry room for sometime now! It’s been covered with dirty laundry, and a few other treasures I have found as I began to unearth the pile of once worn clothes.( why there was a baseball, a flip flop, a rock and  2 walnuts in the dirty laundry is beyond me???)  Anyway, today I am claiming victory over the laundry monster, and am finally at peace with my laundry pile. Please ladies, humor me, encourage me, are there others out there who struggle with staying on top of the laundry?

I can however proudly boast that my son played 6 baseball games in 4 days, and he did wear a clean uniform to each game… maybe there is hope for me.

For those of you who also have laundry struggles, and are laundry challenged, please visit my friend Kathy at Lessons from the Laundry, she is giving away laundry products to help lighten your load, and tips for being more efficient with your laundry woes. I have already seen several tips that may actually reform me!

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  1. The uniform cleaning is very impressive! My son only had to wear a dirty uniform once this season, not too bad. Thanks for thinking that I have good laundry ideas…most are stolen. The laundry ideas I come up with mostly have nothing to do with the process and more to do with how not to loathe the process! Thanks for the mention.

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