Trading Baseball Cards

My son: “So do you want to trade your Ernie Banks signed?”

Friend: “Yeah……..mmmmm….well, ah what about your Barry Bonds rookie, man look how skinny Bonds looks on that card.”

Son: “No I want to keep Bonds” (Long pause)

Friend: “What about Jeter? Or McGwire?”

Son: “You want McGwire, he did steroids……………. didn’t he Mom?”

Friend: “Jeter rookie?”

Son: “Mmmmm..well…….yeah, ok, give me Banks then.”

Friend: “No I need another one” ” What else you got?”

This went on for 45 minutes, finally the end result

Son – 1 autographed Ernie Banks

Friend – Jeter rookie card, and Bonds card (not the coveted rookie card)

They finally get to the big trade after 45 minutes of going back and forth,  then there is a long silence, then…….

Friend says, “Let’s go check out your fort”

Son: “Yeah, do you like trail mix, let’s eat it back at the fort.”

Do you think cooperate CEO’s started this way?


  1. It is so fun to listen when they don’t know you’re listening. My kids built a tree fort with the neighbors this week. I want to be a fly on the wall, or tree, to listen in. It sounds like a perfect summer afternoon at your house.

  2. In my husband’s Awana Pals group they have a card trading party every year. Can you imagine this same conversation among 25 third and fourth grade boys? I love this age, don’t you?

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