Be Prepared, Be Prepared this message must be shared…….”

I took dear daughter to an outdoor campfire cooking class on Sat. night at our local county park. I grabbed my cell phone (in case I needed to make important calls while in the wilderness) but I left my purse in the car, thinking who needs a purse for campfire cooking.

Shortly after arriving we learned about this very cute idea for cooking bacon and eggs over a campfire in a paper bag. ( place 3 THICK slices of bacon that have been cut in half in the bottom of a brown, lunch paper bag, cover the bottom completely with the bacon, then crack an egg over the bacon. Fold the bag over 3 x, cut a small hole through the folds, put a stick through it, and hold it over the fire. It takes about a 1/2 hour to cook and then you have bacon and eggs !)

When making our brown bag bacon and eggs, I realized I should have brought my purse so I could have used the pocket knife I keep in my purse to cut the hole in the paper bag. Another mom, a Girl Scout leader mind you, overhears my comment, and quickly whips out her fancy, pink, Swiss Army pocket knife. Now this lady was prepared! I also noticed she was the one with the flashlight leading the way up the path as we left in the dark!

So the pink pocket knife incident got me thinking, how many other moms out there have pocket knives in their purses?

What other items do you carry “just in case?”

Beside a pocketknife, I also carry a small flashlight, band-aids, and sunscreen. πŸ™‚ Anyone else prepared constantly “just in case,” or is it just me?????

******** BONUS QUESTION ********

Who knows what movie the title of this post came from?? It’s one of our family favorites. Here’s a hint, an animated singing goat sings the words in the title. πŸ™‚


  1. I never thought to keep a pocket knife in my purse. Honestly I try to carry as little as possible but I typically have my wallet, lipstick/lipgloss, calendar (pocket size), cell phone, nail file, coupons, a couple of pens, and eyeglass cleaner. Doesn’t sound like a “mom’s” purse, does it?

    Have no idea about the movie but I am not really very good at movie quotes.

  2. Ha! I have that pink swiss army knife, too. Just not in my purse. And, my purse is a “Momma’s purse”: diapers, wipes, crayons, spare underpants (for the kids) :), wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. Nothing shocking or exciting here. πŸ™‚

    As for the movie, I am not good at quotes either. But, as soon as you reveal, I will think, “Oh yeah! Why didn’t I remember that!”

  3. I have such a “Mom Bag”… I don’t know if it would qualify as a purse. I currently have several library books (not all mine), hair brush with several ponytail holders around the handle (The Princess can never find one in a pinch), some Tums and mints, band-aids, pens and pencils and a hi-lighter… my envelopes containing all my budgeted expenses, another envelope that contains my receipts, my change purse, a blue pocket-knife with the word ANGEL on the side, my “emergency kit” with a clorox pen, some shout wipes, antibacterial wipes, some safety pins and a few…you know girl products. I think that’s it, but it is a big bag and I haven’t seen the bottom, well in a really long time.

    PS – Hoodwinked??

  4. Way to go Mamma D you guessed it….the line is from the movie Hoodwinked. It’s taken from the silly, singing goat who is always prepared for everything that comes his way. We sing the song in our house a lot, as a reminder to prepare.
    Just check out her purse, and you can see Mamma D is prepared! I am sure it’s because she has wathced Hoodwinked. LOL!

  5. I keep purel and Tide to Go. I’ve only had to use the Tide to go a few times in the past year, but it saved me when I spilled coffee on my khaki pants right before meeting a group of friends for a lovely lunch out. I would have looked like a slouch with a big old coffee stain.

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