Blog names and The Andy Griffith Show

Well since I am no longer a novice blogger, I decided it was about time I officially introduced by family and gave them “blog names.”

So dear hubby will now be known simply as drums. He has been playing the drums since he was 16. He has played in several christian bands over the years ( see #4 and #5 in my migraine post for more info on his bands). Now he is an awesome praise and worship drummer for our church, and fills in at various other churches in the area….since he is so good! He of course is much more humble about it, but since I am his wife I can tell y’all how good he is!!! πŸ™‚

My dear son will now be known as sportTman, it’s a combination of a nickname we have for him and that fact that he is a sports maniac. He plays baseball ( his favorite sport, and as many 12 yo boys do, he dreams of playing major league baseball someday!), he also plays soccer and basketball. In all of his free time, he enjoys tennis, volleyball, badminton, hiking, throwing football, kickball, dodge ball, golf, and basically anything that involves a sports ball of some kind. The first word he ever spoke was ball, and when he was a baby, we used to line up a bunch of toys for him to crawl to, 9 out of 10 times he would crawl to the ball!!! He also collects sports cards and follows Phillies and Eagles, and plays the drums……and the kitchen table, his desk at school, his wall next to his bed at night, the kitchen counter… get the idea! πŸ™‚
My dear daughter will be known as The inventor. She’s a 10 yo girl who made several pairs of flip flops from a pizza box and pipe cleaners, and “designed” her own purse from paper, tape, stickers, yarn, and a lot of creativity! Just the other day when I was ailing at home with a wretched migraine, she taped a long piece of string to my light switch, and then laid the string next to me in bed. She said I just needed to pull the string when I was ready to turn off my light, that way I would not need to get out of bed. Her ingenuity, and thoughtfulness are what make her so special to our family. Despite her affinity for inventing, I am also certain that she would want me to mention that she too is also a sports maniac and plays soccer, basketball and is a great runner!

So there you have it my lovely family!

Oh yea……..The Andy Griffith Show has been a huge hit around our house this summer. I borrowed several DVD’s from our local library of misc. episodes from it’s days as a popular sitcom. We have all been watching good ole Barney turn everything into chaos, and calm Andy fixing all the messes Barney creates. The kids both have LOVED watching this, and think Barney Fife is a riot.

Thought for the day – Sometimes the “good ole days” can still be interesting for kids if we give them the opportunity to enjoy them. SportTman is currently watching an old John Wayne movie as I type this.


  1. Oh Yes, The Andy Griffith show has always been a huge hit with me! I honestly think it is one of the best shows ever made. Don Knotts was a genius don’t ya think?

    I’ve never given my family blog names, but that is a great idea. I especially love hubby’s name. Just remember that you and I are gonna be in the praise band in Heaven!

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