Fitness Challenge update

I was on an unexpected 2 week hiatus from riding my bike due to migraines, and attending the Creation Festival. But I am back!!!!!! I rode 5 miles yesterday, and 6 today. I drank an entire 24 oz bottle of Propel during each ride, it’s so stinkin hot out!!! If I could only configure an air conditioning system into my bike helmet…….. I will need to talk to my daughter…….the inventor.

Check out Mama Bright’s site, she is encouraging all of us ladies to stay fit through the summer!


  1. wow! look at you go!!!

    you’re too funny about the a/c helmet…I’ve been walking a bike trail the last couple days…and watching the bikers…and wishing I were on a bike so I could at least have the coolness of the air breezing past…lol

    blessings, mamabright 🙂

  2. That is excellent! I’m so glad you’re back – those migraines are nothing to be messed with! Hoping you continue to feel better!! ((hugs))

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