What I learned from a peach tree……

images.jpeg Years ago in a weak mommy moment, after the kids incessant prodding I bought a peach tree for $10 at an end-of-the-season sale. I brought it home, planted it in a horrible spot for peach tree, and THEN looked up how to care for it on the internet . As I researched how to get this tree to bear fruit, I quickly realized how naive I was. I was stunned to find in order to allow my peach tree to produce quality fruit I must prune it severely. The excessive pruning sounded like it would destroy the tree. I thought this was ridiculous and the peach tree growers didn’t know what they were talking about. ( Yeah I know major prideful moment).

Surely they didn’t mean to really prune it that much did they?

My tree went on to die, probably because I did not prune it enough, it was so hard to cut the tree way back.

Several nights ago while putting my daughter to bed, she was giving me a long litany of things that did not go well for her that day. She was complaining about having a bad day, and I blurted out, “God must be pruning you honey, he wants you to grow into something beautiful.” I then proceeded to tell her about our peach tree ( she of course had long forgotten that we even had one!). I explained how pruning a tree is very hard to do, yet when it is done right it can produce a beautiful fruit.

But the inventor complained, “well I don’t like being pruned if this is what it’s like, it’s not fun!”

But then I asked her of what happens to the tree after it has been pruned…….”it grows yummy peaches” she meekly muttered out.

She reluctantly smiled…..she got it……and so did I. Up until that conversation I had long forgotten that peach tree. But it was a timely reminder for me also.

Pruning is not fun

Pruning is painful

Pruning is difficult

But I want to produce Godly fruit in my life, so Lord get out those pruning shears and do what needs to be done!!!



  1. I can so relate. What a wonderful ‘picture’ the Lord allowed you to have and then share with the Inventor. What a blessing for her to be able to grasp the big picture and not be drowned by the circumstance. She must have a tender spirit.

  2. Oh, the pruning lesson. It is a tough one. In the after glow of God’s session, I now see how beautiful He made me. I hope I’m producing the kind of fruit He intended. But if not…I know He’ll be back with the shears.

    Funny pruning story…my husband LOVES to prune. Any outdoor work he loves. The good side to this is that our yard looks beautiful, the bad is that many nice Saturdays I don’t see my husband much. Anyway, last Thanksgiving he was pruning (nearly a year round activity) and he pruned his finger. So in between turkey basting, I ran him to the ER for 4 stitches. I hope he learned some lesson from that!

  3. That is a fantastic story Sandy! I understand the inventor’s feelings because I have been pruned this past year and so needed it. It is not fun, but needs doing in order to glorify Christ!

  4. Pruning, transforming, purification by fire, I believe, all refer to the same process I mentioned in “Besiege My Heart”. Sounds like God is trying to get a message to us!

    We will be a bride without spot or wrinkle!!!

    Bless you!!!

  5. What a great life lesson! I think things sink in deeper when we learn them through experiences like this. THey are much more personal and what a story to share!

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