Got Milk…..Lots of it!

The sister duo at 5 minutes for Mom are giving away milk……lots of it….$300 worth!

I can assure you this blogging family drinks LOTS of milk……..about 5 gallons each week. Every Friday I go to my local grocery store, use my age 40+ womenly biceps muscles and load 5 gallons into my cart ( along with 3 gallons of OJ). I get my weekly workout in by pushing that cart through the store. We have thought about purchasing a cow to make things easier, but a free milk giveway would suit us well also. And to make the giveaway even sweeter, it’s Horizon’s Organic milk. I have thought for sometime now that we should switch to Organic milk, but it is so expensive. So this giveaway would be perfect for us!

While I am talking about links, my dear blogging friend Elizabeth at the Whole Family nominated me for the Rockin Blogger Girl, I just haven’t had time to nominate others yet, but I did want to say Thanks to Elizabeth, she is another fun, bloggin mom. She also has quite the story up on her blog about a recent visit to a restaurant………I am sure many of you moms can relate to it!
. rockinbloggergirl.jpg

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