Forget Lazy Rivers, we have our own “Lazy Creek!”

I had the nicest time with the inventor and sportTman the other day. A kind neighbor was cleaning out his garage and brought over 2 huge inner tubes for the kids to have for free! So we loaded the big tubes into the car, and headed to a nearby creek for some serious tubing! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful spot!


The inventor enjoying that peaceful easy feeling!



Here are the kids floating down the creek



I walked along in the creek behind the kids, and took pictures, that is NOT a purse I am carrying on my shoulder it’s a camera bag. I didn’t want anyone to think I took my purse with me for walking in the creek! LOL!



SportTman running upstream with the tube after his long, relaxing float down the creek.


Total Cost for the day

Inner Tubes – free

Creek – Free

Enjoying the great outdoors – Free

Time spent together – Priceless








  1. This looks like so much fun! That is awesome that you live so close to a creek! It reminds me of the fun that I have had canoeing – I have never gone down a creek on a tube – but it looks relaxing

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