There is Something about the Ocean……….

I will be taking a blogging break for several days and spending a much needed break at the beach! We were supposed to take a week vacation to Maine this summer, but SportTman is trying out for an elite baseball team, and the try-outs are the same time we were scheduled for vacation…..UGH! I was so upset when we realized this conflict of schedules. We are not a family with tons of money and we don’t take elaborate vacations, but I truly believe every family NEEDS time together, without friends, without the usual distractions, and quality down time together. So we decided to squeeze in a couple days at the beach, and we are going camping for a night next week also……although it’s not the same as Maine, it will work, since our goal is time together and having fun together.

As a mom in order to relax I must get out of the house! Otherwise, I see laundry that needs folding, a floor that needs to be mopped, weeds to be pulled etc…… ( the list is endless isn’t it!). So I am looking forward to time away from my busy house, riding the waves in the ocean with the kids, and taking a long walk on the beach with my husband!

I love this song by Ten Shekel Shirt……”there is something about the ocean that makes me rise up and praise You……..” There is just something about that ocean that truly makes me reflect on the greatness of the Lord! I am anticipating a time of reflection, renewal and relaxation!
Ocean – Ten Shekel Shirt


  1. I couldn’t agree more! Hope your few days away are just what you all need to become refreshed.

    Now if you are reading this those weeds aren’t gonna pick themselves…LOL!

  2. I always feel like I’m sitting with God on the beach or the mountains. His greatest feats of beauty and amazement always stir my soul. I soooo want to live in the mountains…although we’re going to the beach in a week too! Thanks for sharing the delightful thoughts.

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