So…….. what would you do?


Aren’t you thankful when your kids remember to always flush the toilet when they are “done?” I was particularly thankful for this the other day after SportTman accidentally knocked the entire basket of the inventor’s ponytail holders into the toliet! Yep here they are for the world to see……..ponytail holders floating in our toilet. ( Wow I must be desperate to post something if I am posting pics of my toilet!! LOL!)

Oh and by the way, as the mom of this fine household, I got to stick my hand in the toilet and get all the pony tail holders out!!  I know that may be more then you need to or want to know!!

So ladies, what would you do…….would you……

  1. continue to use the ponytail holders after they dried,
  2. wash them the best you can, then use them
  3. throw them out

They are still sitting in a heap, drying on a towel, I will take votes as to what to do. Please cast a vote as to what I should do!! I need your your advice. 🙂


  1. LOL! Oh thats Funny! I have boys so I always find matchbox cars in the toilet. About keeping them….hmmmmm……not sure what I would do in that situation. I think I would have to opt for throwing them out because I know how good my son is at flushing the toilet after he pees and what the odds are that that water is already contaminated with urine. 🙂

  2. I would throw them out. Even if it was possible to truly get them clean I would always question if they were really truly clean.

  3. Well that is a pretty site!! LOL! That is a great picture.

    I would probably throw what I could in the washing machine, and then I would think they would be fine. I guess it’s just the thought that they went for a swim in the toilet!

  4. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve stuck my hands in over the years (particularly in my nursing career).

    My opinion…throw the stuff out. Take the opportunity to bless your daughter with new hair devices!!!

    Sounds like something that would happen at my house. 🙂

    Bless you!!!

  5. Oh, another thought. We have a little saying in nursing circles and this may apply to you…”If it’s wet and not yours, don’t touch it” (a least not without gloves). 🙂

  6. Eeewww! I would throw them out and go to the local dollar store with your daughter and let her pick out some brand new ones! Does SHE know what happened? Then again if she has no problem with it then wash them thoroughly and que sera sera!

  7. I guess I’m odd girl out. I’d probably wash them up good and keep them. Especially the brand new ones, it would pain me to throw out something new. BUt I would never tell anyone!

  8. I would get one of those mesh laundry bags, throw them all in there, with lots of detergent and oxi clean and wash them. I am so frugal and rarely throw anything out. 🙂

  9. I would throw them in desinfectant.
    I bet you’ll never have them as near to the toilet as they were. LOL!
    Since one of my boys tossen them all over the place I decided fake tupperware is OK for these items too.

    BTW I never get with my hands in there. I use the a soupspoon or something to lift the lot out. Easy to clean. LOL!

  10. That depends on who they belong to. If they were mine I’d wash them and give them to my daughter. If they were my daughter’s I’d wash them and give them back to her.

  11. Hmmm, I was GOING to say wash the ones you can in the washing machine with some good detergent and HOT water, but I also like the idea of blessing your daughter with new ones, even from the dollar store. So, what did you do??

  12. Thanks for all the responses. I washed the brand new ones I had just bought! But threw the others out! And yes I used HOT water and put them in one of those mesh bags that Amy suggested.
    Thanks all!
    It’s fun to see how all of you would have handled it!

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