It was less then 24 hours, but it was worth it!

“Honey are you ready to go, we really should get going, remember we need to let the dog out?” my hubby asked me, this morning, as I relaxed poolside, having just emerged from the jacuzzi feeling so relaxed I did not want to move!

“Go?” I meekly protested, I just want to take a nap I thought to myself, and then uttered, “give me 15 more minutes.”

So that is how our little getaway ended around noon today.

We just left yesterday afternoon around 3:00, and arrived about a 1/2 hour later at a local camping resort. We promptly set up the tent, and then went to the pool. It was so nice, we did nothing. 🙂

We had a delicious dinner of roasted hot dogs, and campfire corn,( corn on the cob, smothered in butter, then wrapped in foil and placed in your fire for about 5-8 min.) fresh watermelon, and macaroni salad. We sat at our campsite, listening to the cicadas, chatting, and telling stories. We then headed down to the campstore for ice cream sundaes, and a round of mini golf. Which by the way, I was the miracle mom, I got 3 holes in one!

It was a night of simple fun, and time together. By 10:00 we were all snuggled in the tent together under the trees, feeling quite snug and comfortable on our air mattresses.

It was a beautiful morning at our campsite, it is in a densely wooded and remote area of the campground. We then swam at the nearby pond, and then spent about 2 hours at the pool before coming home.

Our brief time away was a good reminder to me of the importance of getting away as a family. Times like this is what bonds a family, we enjoy being together, we have fun together, we talk and communicate, and just enjoy times of silence (and if you know my son that is rare!!).

Thought for the day – I truly believe times like today are good building blocks for the teenage years that are just around the corner. We are working to build a solid family foundation built on quality time together, communication, and Christ!


  1. I like your thought for the day and believe it is relevant for every age level…its just a matter of how we incorporate it. I’m looking forward to camping with our boys too!

  2. Hi, Sandy,

    Sounds like a beautiful time with your family.

    We just made reservations yesterday for out vacation in September. The rates are cheaper during that time of the year. The boys are very excited. Hope to post something about it.

    Again, thank you for your support and yes, my Mom has been through much in her life time. She had brain surgery, but for a tumor (not cancererous) about 16 years ago and has had to deal with deficits as a result of it (left facial pralysis, left eye blind, left ear deaf, etc.).

    Thank you, thank you for praying!!! NO THING is impossible for our Jesus!!!

    Blessings and love in Jesus!!!

  3. Sandy, Thanks for the comment. After an extensive investigation and using my vast powers of intellect I was able to deduce that my wife and my sister-in-law, Diana, would help me in solving this great riddle. Thus I found out you’re Scott’s sister. Cool. And you have a really great blog. Even cooler. Your stories have that genuineness that make them worth the time to not only read but contemplate as well. (If only my poor humble blog could compete. Oh well.)

    Keep up the great work. Again thanks for the comment. Paul

  4. Oh Sandy, I felt like I was right there with you guys! It sounds like such a lovely evening of togetherness. Let me just add that we too spend a lot of time with our kids and I overheard one of them at church telling someone that family nights were their favorite times of all. Kids will never forget that we want to and take the time to spend with them. Don’t you agree?

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