Fresh Air Fun!!


We are having a great time with Isaac (our Fresh Air kid from the Bronx). We took him on an Amish buggy ride yesterday, and went for a visit to the heart of farm country! The man driving the buggy even let Isaac steer (Um, I am a city girl, what do you call someone who steers the horse?) the buggy while it was on the road, he got such a kick out of that. The kids are playing monopoly right now, they rarely play this game together, but when Isaac comes they play constantly. They had a squirt gun battle today, lots of wet clothes and grass covered kids, but it made for an exciting time this afternoon. The other thing they are enjoying is bike riding. It took 3 summers for Isaac to finally learn to ride a bike. But it is so nice now ( and let me tell you teaching him to ride was much more difficult than both of my kids combined!) he can ride with the kids in the neighborhood. *** Update on the bike riding….he crashed into a big rock at the park today, I knew his biking skills were too good to be true. He is fine, the chain came off the bike, but no major damage. Isaac at first said he never wanted to ride the bike again, but it proved to be a good lesson on not quitting.***



  1. What a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Jesus!!! Tell Isaac, I said hello. I grew up with a field aside of my bedroom window, across from a chicken house and down the street, a “manure cooker.” My sense of smell developed early in life. 🙂

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