Fresh Air Isaac arrives today…..

We have hosted for the last 5 summers a “Fresh Air” kid from the Bronx. He is 11 years old and arrives in farm country tonight. He will be with us for 11 days, he will have the chance to climb trees, ride a bike, go out in our canoe, go swimming, play in the woods, play games of monopoly ( he loves that game), eat farm fresh cucumbers and watermelon ( another favorite of his). His days in the Bronx are usually spent in front of a computer or TV, although he does also like to read. But he doesn’t get outside just to play, there just are not opportunities like that for him in his neighborhood in the Bronx.

So we are all looking forward to his visit. We all now laugh about the first year he came at the age of 7, he awoke in the middle of the night, came running into our room, and told me that he was afraid that one of the lions from the jungle behind our house might break in the house……..he now realizes that we have a woods behind our house with squirrels and an occasional skunk or groundhog! Although we still can’t convince him to sleep out in the woods in the tent…..maybe this summer, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


  1. How fun! My husband’s family hosted a Fresh Air Kid when they were little. What a wonderful experience you’re allowing him to have.

  2. Now I like this idea Sandy! And how nice that you get to have the same child each year. Is he open to learning about Jesus? What a great opportunity for you guys to share Christ. Can’t wait to see pictures!

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