GWIT= Godly Women in Training Part 4


I have noticed by far the biggest search engine term that brings people to my blog is “Godly girls” or “teaching Godly girls.” That shows me that there are many moms out there looking for information on training their daughters to be Godly Girls!! I have written several posts on this subject and will continue to write new ones in an ongoing series.

First let me list several excellent resources for training/teaching girls in that 8-12 age range. I have listed 2 of these before but back in my emergent blogging days I didn’t know how to post a link! πŸ™‚ ( It is really so simple, how could I have missed those cute little chain link icons for so long?)
A Girl of Beauty – Building Character in Young Girls by Carol Fiddler – My daughter and I meet regularly to go through the chapter in this book. Chapters include; ambition, loyalty, a sense of purpose, competition, besetting faults etc. Each chapter is brief, kid friendly and includes a biblical basis. Our time together to go through this book is called “GWIT.” See note about meeting for “GWIT” below

The Secret Keeper – by Dannah Gresh – A great book to discuss biblical modesty with your daughter. It includes a CD with songs and commentary from Rebacca St. James.

Girl Talk – by Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Mahaney Whitcare – I just bought this book at my brother’s church this past weekend. The author and her daughter combine for a frank, yet insightful book on raising Godly Girls! The book stresses the importance of keeping those lines of communication open and flowing. It’s an easy book to read, I am about halfway through it and have already gleaned a great deal of practical info. They also have a fun blog, where Carolyn Mahaney and her 3 grown daughters share insights, stories of growing up, and biblical guidance for mom’s and their daughters.

“GWIT” time together

The inventor and I just met together the other day for our “GWIT” time. Our time together and frank discussion always give me a glimpse of my daughter’s heart and motives. It is such a good indicator of what she is thinking about and dealing with. BTW, she is 10 and we have been meeting for 2 years. At age 8 she seemed ready to sit for a longer period of time and soak in the topics we talk about. We meet at”our place,” a cute restaurant a mere 3 minutes away, we usually meet for breakfast…….food always helps motivate kids. πŸ™‚ We discuss and read together the topics listed in the Carol Fiddler book above.

She also keeps a little journal of each topic. In her journal she will either draw a picture or comic that relates to what we talked about, or she likes to make up an acronym for each topic. Here is a recent example;

Gossip was the topic

G = garbage

O= off-limits

S= sorry

S= sin

I= it’s hurtful

P= pitiful

Let me also assure you, there are times when she doesn’t always want to go, she gives me that look like, “Mom I would rather play outside than spend ALL that time going through the dumb book with you.” But I gently remind her of the importance of taking the time to train and learn how to become a Godly women. I think she realizes I won’t back down on this and we are going, she may generate a meager protest, but she knows we are going. And guess what happens………….things go well, her attitude changes, and we accomplish a lot, and it continues to cement the communication of our mother daughter relationship. πŸ™‚

Check out Training Godly Girls under Categories on my sidebar for more resources and ideas for training those girls to be women after God’s own heart.

I just found out about a blogging carnival that Real Life is hosting, it sounds right up my alley. It’s a mother and daughter blog carnival, what a great idea!!


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