It’s been awhile…….

since I updated my blog. I have been so busy with my job. I must admit it has been an adjustment returning to work full time. I can not imagine having a job where you work year round, don’t get home until 5:30-6:00 and need to bring work home! I am done by 3:00 everyday, the same time my kids are done, what a blessing that is!

However, there are things I miss, like having time to get the laundry done, making pumpkin cookies for the family, riding my bike to exercise on those cool fall mornings, making a decent breakfast for the kids in the morning, ( instead of frozen, microwave waffles!), being on top of the laundry, taking walks with the kids and the dog, and enjoying that moment of peace and quiet right after the kids left for school, and did I mention getting the laundry done?? ( I need to go to the store and buy 500 pairs of socks and underware for each family member so I don’t need to worry about running out!)

That appears to be my biggest struggle with working, I feel like I am compromising on some of the “mommy things” I have done for years. I had to miss one of SportTman’s soccer games the other day, my rule of thumb has been to never miss the kids sports events (unless the other child has a game at the same time, hubby and I split up the game watching duties). The other thing I am wondering about is teaching Sunday School at church and teaching Girls Alive on Wed. night, I have done both for years, and I start back teaching SS today and Girl’s Alive in 2 weeks, I just wonder how I will be able to handle all these things in addition to the job. I don’t want to compromise the gifts God has given me to teach kids at church because I have too much going on.

I guess I will just see how it all plays out and spend less time worrying about it and more time praying about it. God has given me this opportunity for this season of life, the job has been rough, but I think a lot of that is growing pains since it’s a new program, things should calm down.

I will continue to write about my struggles of being a christian working mom, and how God continues to lead and guide me through this.

………..Oh and did I mention, I have been eating more chocolate lately šŸ™‚


  1. Well, just being back at school causes you to eat more chocolate! Chocolate abounds in that place! šŸ™‚

    I can imagine your struggles trying to juggle it all. Ha! I feed my kids frozen waffles and I am at home! šŸ™‚

    My pastor actually talked about this topic this weekend. Feel free to go to the website to get the podcast later on in the week, it would be worth listening to:

    It will be called “five: 3”. Maybe it will help.

    Blessings to you!!

  2. You put into words thoughts that come my way and just ignore. Honestly, I don’t know how I survived (and still surviving) being a working mom who tried very hard to fulfill and do all the things a full-time mom do. Depriving myself of sleep to accomplish things here and there, running on coffee, and lots of prayers…. I guess that’s how I survived (and is surviving). When things gets very though, i take a “mental health day”.

  3. Hang in there… I know I am feeling the “will I survive this” – but in a different way. I don’t know if you are into salty-sweet, but the Candy Kitchen by me has chocolate covered potato chips…. mmmmmm…

    PS.. glad to be back in the blog world…

  4. Praying for you in this season. I know the Lord will continue to lead and guide you. You have a heart open to Him and He knows it. It is okay to struggle – I struggled with finding balance when I worked and it is still a struggle with being home. I just pray that your ears are tuned to His voice alone and that you don’t get burdened with condemnation.

    On a completely different note – pumpkin cookies? Huh? Care to share the recipe? šŸ™‚

  5. TCC-

    I will have to post the pumpkin cookies recipe sometime soon. They are a favorite at our house and are always gone in 24 hours!! šŸ™‚

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