Dog attacks ironing board…..

I guess it’s been a very long time since I have ironed.

When I got that strange object ( the ironing board) out of the closet, our dog went crazy. She was barking, and jumping up at the ironing board.

Due to this hazardous encounter, I have determined that ironing in my house is not safe, the dog and I could have been injured. Therefore due to safety concerns I must reluctantly forego ironing for at least another year!

Long live wrinkle free clothes!!!!!!


  1. Downy Wrinkle Release is my dearest “let me never iron again” friend. Any unsuspecting pets we’d have would do the same thing. The ironing board makes very infrequent appearances around here, as well.

    The old board can be good for wrapping small presents, tho’. Maybe you should do that in the garage at your place : )

  2. I hear you! I constantly think about the steam feature on the new and marvy front load washers that take care of wrinkles. Is it worth spending the money on a new washer just so I don’t have to iron again?

  3. Oh, and by the way – you’ve been tagged! Six random things about yourself, and pass it on to six people. Who comes up with these things anyway?

  4. too funny!! I hate to iron, so now I have an excuse… with three pets in the house and us being on a budget, I just can’t run the risk of an injury – with Vet costs and all. 🙂

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