I’ve been tagged…

The Rocking Pony tagged me for 6 random things about myself. So here are six very random things……

#1 My first job ever was the coolest job. I worked for a Jewish/New York style bakery in Maryland. I got to eat all the delicious homemade bagels and donuts along with a wonderful sweet treat called rugalach.

#2 I don’t wear much jewelry, I wear my wedding ring, and a small gold necklace, but that is it. I used to wear more jewelry, but after babies who pulled at my earrings, and a crazy, busy life with kids where I was constantly losing my jewelry I just stopped wearing it!

#3 I ran the 200, and 400 meter dash in HS and college

#4 I have been taking this really cool, new multi-vitamin called, ” Nature’s Plus, Source of Life Women” I have had more energy since taking this vitamin for the last 3 months…..this is good for my 40+ body!!

#5 I don’t like doing crafty things

#6 I take lots of pictures and have many family pictures displayed around our house. I love how pictures can capture a moment in time.

I am not much of a tagger, but would love to see 6 random things about many of you. It’s a fun meme so join in if you want.

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  1. I would love to have worked in a bagel bakery! I’ll give you six jobs that were random: Caterer, Bank Trainer, Preppy Store Clerk, Produce Department Stocker, Inventory Taker William Sonoma, and now writer, although it may not count yet because I haven’t made any money doing it!

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