Two days ago I came home from school fully feeling the evil effects of the dreaded monthly curse. I wanted more then anything to take a nap…….until bedtime! But as many of you moms know, you can’t always just lay down and take a 7 hour nap. Thus began the battle between  “Dee Serve” and “Will.”  “Dee Serve” kept telling me, that since I had a rough day I deserved to veg out, watch a little TV, order out pizza for dinner and sleep for awhile.

On the other hand my good friend “Will” somehow got me motivated, and I actually went out and rode my bike for a quick 5 mile ride. “Will” is something else! And after I rode my bike I really thanked “Will” because I felt much better, stretched out a bit and had a renewed energy for the rest of the night. Instead of pizza we had chicken on the grill, italian noodles, broccoli, and fresh fruit!

Thus continues the on going exercise saga, and as is usually the case, once I make myself get out there and exercise I always feel so much better and I am glad I did it. So to all my dear blogging friends, let’s all make an effort to get out there and exercise…………….. even when we don’t feel like it!!!!!! 🙂



  1. That picture would be me. I’m so not athletic. But I do enjoy exercise. I seriously need to “get out there” again and pick up a routine. It does make one feel so much better. Good for you!

  2. Hi Sandy! I’m actually at the shop today where I have DSL and can leave a comment :o) I so would have went and laid down, but you were a good girl! That’s not really you in the pic, is it? LOL! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping school was going well!

  3. It’s kinda like going to church too. You wake up and are tired. You just don’t feel like all of the effort. You’d rather stay in your PJ’s all day. But, out of guilt or whatever you drag yourself there, and you get so blessed and refreshed and you are glad that you came! I know it’s a different topic, but your story made me think of it. LOL!

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