The Throw-up Soccer Tournament


The Inventor had a big soccer tournament this weekend. It was an 1 1/2 hours away, and our family and most of the other families from the team were staying at a hotel together. The Inventor played 2 games yesterday, and they lost both of them, ugh! It was also very HOT out for this time of year. The leaves are changing but the weather sure isn’t! After the losses we all headed back to the hotel. It was a nice place with a pool, hot tub, exercise room etc….. The team had a great time playing together in the pool and running amok in the hotel. 🙂 Most of the team headed out to dinner together, but we wanted some family time together so we journeyed to a nearby Cracker Barrel for dinner. After a yummy dinner we hung out at the hotel with the soccer team and went to bed by 10:00. I slept quite well until 2am, when The Inventor awoke me with the cry of ” I don’t feel good!!!!” She then proceeded to throw up, and then deposited the rest of her dinner in the hotel toilet at least 4 more times before we decided she is not playing today and headed home.

Don’t you hate when your kids are sick? As a mom I feel so bad for her. She feels horrible and she is disappointed that she can not play in the 2 games today with her team. BTW, I am wondering if she didn’t get food poisoning from the mammoth bacon cheeseburger she had at Cracker Barrel last night! She seems to feel ok except for the throwing up. We shall see!

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  1. Oh Poor thing! I hate it when my kids are sick! We had a sick little guy who chose to sit out his Soccer game this past Sat too. He didn’t have a fever or anything, but you know that they are sick when THEY choose to sit out. 😦

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