Hey…Where ya been?

I have been MIA from the blog world for sometime now. But I am certain if I had all of my wonderful blog friends over for a cup of coffee some morning soon, you would start the conversation with someone like this. “Hey I see you haven’t posted for awhile, have you been sick, or were you away, were the kids sick, or were you just busy with all those sports your kids do?” I’d probably pour a little more creamer into my coffee take a sip and respond, “Yes to all your questions!!”

Yes I had the killer cold, so I went to bed very early for several nights. That is usually my blog/chillin time. So sleep won out over my blog. The killer cold actually did not last real long, I think because I was good, and went to bed early several nights in a row!

Yes, I also went away. I was away last weekend for my brother’s wedding!!! Congrats to my brother and his new wife! It was a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous fall day in the Catskills of NY. The leaves were peaking at their most vibrant color, and the setting was top-notch. Also spending time with my family is always a good thing in my book.

Yes, my daughter was sick with the evil stomach flu. We have officially labeled her the “throw-up Queen!” But of my 2 kids, she handles it so well, and is a real trooper.

Yes, I have been busy with all those crazy sports my kids do! SportTman just finished his Middle School soccer season last Thurs. and now starts open gym for basketball and The inventor continues to play soccer. Plus SportTman is still practicing for this elite baseball team he is on. So we have been going to lots of practices and games.

I am hoping to someday soon see the bottom of my laundry room floor, right now the dirty laundry pile is so high I actually stood on the top of it the other day to get something down from a shelf. So once I get on top of the laundry, get out the scarf my cleaning lady sucked up accidently into my central vac, unpack from the weekend away, and find time to go see my doctor about my high blood pressure I will be back blogging more regularly. 🙂

In the meantime I thought you would enjoy the pics from the Catskills.


On the deck at my brother’s house, aren’t the trees beautiful?


This was taken from our hotel room, early Sat. morning.


My family, we are all so happy my brother finally got married!


  1. Man, those trees are stunning! They look like they were color-accented. Wow! Great wedding pic too. Your kids are so beautiful. Glad everyone is feeling better. As far as sports go, I will be glad when Nov 8th gets here, as Soccer and Cheerleading for Football will be over!! Whew… it’s been a busy fall.

  2. Oh, how beautiful! This is my very favorite time of year, hands down. God can surely paint a backdrop.

    I’m glad you’re all feeling better, I was begining to wonder.

  3. I hear you with being busy! There always seems like there is something to do these days!

    I did not realize that your hubby went to Messiah – did you guys go to the reunion, or was that the same weekend as the wedding (beautiful photo!). My sis (TCC)is also an alum – which you probably know!

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