I am finding that the older I get the more I enjoy quiet!  Why is that?  As I  sit and type this SportTman is playing drums, The Inventor is whining about her back hurting, hubby is banging out a beat on his pants ( this is a normal thing for drummers)the dryer is going, and the dishwasher is on….not a peaceful moment.   I am married to a drummer, you would think I would get used to it.

I went out for a walk/jog tonight, and the moon was out and it was quiet, I really enjoyed it!  I came home from school yesterday and for a brief 45 minutes, no one was home and the house was quiet……I really enjoyed it!

I guess I am getting old!

( I bet my mom will read this post and smile, and knowingly think to herself, I knew this day would come.  Afterall it happened to her, I still remember her yelling for me to turn down the music!!  🙂  )


  1. Ah, yes. Peace and quiet is so hard to come by. There was a day when I had to have background music always on. Not anymore. Silence is truly golden.

  2. I miss quiet!! In the beginning of the school year, when the boys were in PS, I had a lot of it… probably too much! But, now, none. Ok, well none. I had a headache last night and went to lay down for a few minutes… and woke up this morning!! Daddy D was so great and cleaned up from dinner. It was nice – but doesn’t happen often.

  3. nice new lay-out 🙂

    oh I Iove peace and quiet….

    By the way, thank you so much for all your comments and encouragement these past few days about my “working mom struggles” and “mommy meltdowns”. It’s very much appreciated…

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