Moments of quiet

The worship leader at our church gave my hubby one of those little books that are easy to read, full of lots of spiritual insight, all confined with in 167 pages. As soon as he was finished it, I quickly confiscated it and started reading it also. The book is “The Way I Was Made,” by Chris Tomlin. There are several sections of this book I am enjoying, but the section titled, “Be Still before Him” really hit me. Here is the excerpt from the book.

I’ve always thought church would be much better if people came to bring their offerings, to give their thanks, to celebrate God’s faithfulness, to praise Him for His provision……and pretty much shut up everything else. That’s the church I want to be part of-the one that enters ready to meet with God.

None of that happens with out the stillness and quietness of soul. Our world is so loud, TV, Internet, radio, iPods, traffic, cell phones, Muzak, intercoms, and the list goes on. I think this constant volume of nothingness pushes us farther and farther from people. It’s like the sounds become a barrier or wall between us and our surroundings. We don’t really know how to be quiet. But how do we expect to hear anything from God in all that noise. When was the last time you quieted your world and just stood in awe of God?

I think Chris Tomlin expresses what I was trying to express in this post.


  1. Chris Tomlin came to my church a few years ago. I specifically noticed his humble and encouraging heart. His passion for the Lord was evident. He had the generations holding hands and swaying in praise to Jesus.

    Yes, I love it when I can be quiet with Jesus.

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