What makes YOU great?

I have been sitting at my laptop for the last hour or so working on a Jr. High Sunday School lesson for tomorrow ( yes, I waited to the last minute to prepare!……And yes I actually enjoy teaching Jr. High age kids!). The lesson is mostly about the disciples bickering about who is the greatest among them, and the reply Jesus gives them about being the last among men, and a servant to all! ( See Mark 9: 33-37, Matthew 18: 1-4, Luke 9:46-50)

The whole lesson got me thinking about a legacy I want to leave, and how do I measure greatness?

A teacher at the high school I teach at was recently caught in the back seat of his car with one of his students. This man had a reputation as a great teacher, and music director. This man by the world’s standards seemed to had achieved a level of greatness, by his reputation, numerous awards, the respect of his students, and the community. But it’s gone. You can only imagine what was going on in the back of his car, and it had apparently been going on for over a year now! The man is married and has a toddler at home. I didn’t know this teacher personally, but now I know of his legacy. I overheard people talking about his immoral legacy at McDonalds this morning. His once honorable reputation is now destroyed, along with his marriage, job, life etc…….. Who knows, maybe God can now reach him since his worldly greatness is shattered. All the glam and prestige he once held is gone, it was built on worldy standards, not Gods. This teacher has been formally charged and will probably serve time in jail………so what does he now tell his 2 year old son about his former greatness?

I‘m not really sure what I am trying to say here…..except I know this, I want to be known for having the mind and attitude of Christ, and not this world. I will look to serve, help, encourage, and give to others. And in doing so, I can only begin to grasp the kind of greatness Jesus refers to. My desire is that standard for greatness will be built on a biblical foundation, not a fading, worldly view. Oh for less of me and more of Him.

Mark 9:35……..he must be the very last, and the servant of ALL.


  1. Our entire year of Moms In Action is based on this – Gaining God’s Perspective.

    I love this quote adapted from John Bevere’s book Driven by Eternity (p.152)

    The world’s judgement of me is according to my accomplishments on Earth. Jesus’ judgement is in a different light.”

  2. If we would only stop long enough to pause and think what legacy we’ll leave behind I think it would stop us from doing a whole lot of stuff. That is so sad about the teacher. It just grieves my heart.

    “Standard for greatness built on a biblical foundation not a fading world view.”
    I love that. That is the key, isn’t it? Finding what the bible has to say and building up that!

  3. Just a moment unrestrained can ruin a life of hardwork. It’s a sobering reality. How sad for his family.

    More of You and Less of me…there is so much truth, power and wisdom in those few words.

  4. My husband and I taught Jr. High Youth before we moved to manage the camp we are at now. We enjoyed them very much as well. They are so open to talk about everything. They are at tough spot in the road of life.

  5. Sandy,
    I’d be back on specific comment on this post. But for now I’m just stopping by to let you know about my 2 give-aways and I’m hoping you’d join because you might win a gift certificate to Amazon or Mikarose Dresses.

    I’d be back on my thoughts about “greatness”…

  6. It may be silly, but I’m gonna give you a quote from Batman: “It’s not who we are inside, but what we do that defines us.” This gentleman, as well as, unfortuantely, many who have inappropriate relationships with students has allowed himself to be defined by this act. How very, very sad for his child.

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