Shocking conversation overheard one recent morning

SportTman – “Mom, can I wear a tie to school today with this shirt?”

Mom – ( choking on coffee, wondering if the coffee stain on my shirt will dry clear?) “Wh…What’s that honey….you want to wear a tie to school today?”

SportTman -” Yeah, do you think Daddy’s Eagles tie would match this ( sharp looking, blue dress shirt..on sale from Wal Mart!)?”

Mom -” No it really doesn’t match”

SportTman- “Ok, then next week I will wear one”

Ok before Grammy falls off the office chair in shock while reading this at her computer. Let me explain. SportTman needs to dress up for every one of his away basketball games. And the morning of our conversation was an away game. So stay seated in your chair Mom. But the fact that this conversation even took place is quite shocking for my son who never cares what he is wearing as long as it’s sweat pants, and a sports T-shirt. This may be the start of something.


  1. Too funny!!! Wonders never cease… 🙂

    If you’d like more info on Sensory Processing Disorder, e-mail me. I can give you some directions and resources to start with. My e-mail should be included with this comment. 🙂

  2. Guess Who? 🙂 It’s me. The little dorky girl who used to come to you with her little problems. Well I’m almost grown up and started my blog and remembered that you had one. So I got this address off your christmas letter. Soph.

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