Welcome new blogging friends!

Over Christmas break I spent some time blog hopping and found several new blogs that I am enjoying. So it’s time to update my blogroll with some new blog friends, so let me introduce them……..

Still His Girl – Love this girls sense of humor!

Living to Tell the Story – I just added this blog about a week ago, but wanted to list it here also. Great insights and spiritual wisdom

From the Inside Out – A blog about a family who have a heart for missions! They will be heading out to Thailand soon.

Real Life – I like this blog because it brings to the table a lot of issues that are good to ponder and think about.

Kate’s Story – The sweetest women with a immovable heart for the Lord, and 3 adorable little boys. She is also riding out the storm of her life, dealing with brain cancer.

So please stop by some of my new favs, but also stop in and say Hi to some of my regular oldies but goodies.

Beautiful Grace

Liza Eyeview

Laughing Through the Tears

Lessons From the Laundry

And thanks to everyone who have been helping me with the crock pot ideas! It has been so helpful! 🙂 Let’s fire up the crock pot!


  1. I love reading new blogs! I always have to be careful not to get engrossed in too many. And boy, is that hard to do, isn’t it? So many amazing, inspiring women out there! I will definitely check them out when I have the chance though.

    Oh, I just saw my name upo there too. Thanks for the mention, Sandy!

    Now I’m off to play catch up on your posts!

  2. Thanks for the mention Sandy. I have been getting the “new blog to read itch” too. I run through my blogroll and still feel hungry. I am sure there is one more laugh out there, one more truth, one more “I so can relate to that” post that I haven’t placed my eyes on yet. Nice to meet you.

    from the inside out

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Sandy!! Remember, we do have a date this summer to meet in the real world!!

  4. I have begun to read other blogs online. I really enjoy blogging. I found your blog and I enjoy reading it. I have a family blog at http://augenstinefamily.blogspot.com
    Like the Tie issue with your son. Brings back memories from growing up and not liking to dress up. I enjoy it now and so does one of my daughters.

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