Survival of the Crock-Pot fittest

Hello my name is Sandy and I am a busy mom……….

I have trouble getting a good dinner on the table, every night. I am a working mom, I am tired at night, I don’t feel like cooking. I need help, I need support…….

My one key to survival appears to be the trusty, old crock-pot. I came home yesterday to the smell of beef stew simmering in the crock pot. I just had to throw some good ole Pillsbury biscuits in the oven, cut up some apples and oranges and instant dinner. Total prep time about 5 minutes. 🙂 But I need more, QUICK ideas for the crock pot. I am posting the yummy, but simple beef stew recipe. I think it’s so important for busy families to sit and have dinner together each night.  So if you can offer any tips I will be thankful! Check out this earlier post to see more on the importance of eating together!

Beef Stew

10 med. white or red potatoes

fresh carrots – whatever amount you want

1 small onion

2 lbs. beef stewing cubes

1-2 stalks of celery

1-2 cans of beef broth

1 can tomato soup

salt and pepper

Throw in crock-pot, and enjoy 6-7 hours later!! 🙂

Please leave a comment if you have a QUICK crock pot idea or a QUICK meal idea. Pretty please………I want to be a sane, normal functioning mom. 🙂   Proud mom of S.O.D! (Save Our Dinnertime!!)



  1. No you do not have to cook the meat, that is the glory of it!!! 🙂 Just throw it all in the crock pot….so easy!!

  2. Do you like meat pies?

    I will take leftover chicken or turkey, add a little gravy and a can of cream of chicken soup, and thawed frozen mixed veggies. Mix all of that stuff together.

    Place the mixture into a pie pan lined with an already pie crust (the roll kind) and then put another pie crust roll on top.

    This can be frozen. I make them ahead of time, freeze them and then when I am in a rush for supper, pop them into the oven at 350 F.

    You just have to watch to be sure the crust doesn’t get overly brown. You can sheild it with tin foil.

    Bless you, oh rushed one!!!

  3. Diary of a Stay At Home Mom has “Slow Cooker Thursday” every Thursday at her site. She also has link where she has stored all the recipes from the past. I have found this a wonderful resource for crockpot recipes.

  4. Ok, here you go! 🙂

    TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MESS (for the crockpot)

    1 package chocolate cake mix
    1 pint sour cream
    1 package instant chocolate pudding
    1 small bag chocolate chips
    3/4 cup oil
    4 eggs
    1 cup water
    Spray crockpot with non-stick spray. Mix all igredients. Pour into crockpot. Lay papertowels under the lid to gather moisture (you might need to change them once.) Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Serve in a bowl with ice cream. YUMMY!!

  5. Thanks for all the great tips ladies. I have decided we will have Triple Chocolate Mess for dinner some night……and veggies and fruit for dessert that night! 🙂

    Also the tip from Susanne is very helpful!
    And thanks for the meat pie idea, I had made something similar years ago, but I forgot about it.

    And TCC thanks for the helpful link, the pot roast sounds like a keeper for our house!

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