About 18 years ago……..


Shortly after hubby and I were married a friend offered to sell us a nice waterbed set for $100. At the time we were thrilled, the frame was lovely, with a beautiful, maple, lighted headboard. Our friend even came and helped us assemble the the frame, and set up the waterbed. 18 years ago, we LOVED our new bed!

Well……funny how things change!!!! The last year or so, my back was killing me every morning when I woke up from the dreaded bed. I actually began to despise the bed, and the lovely headboard was looking so late 80s in it’s style, it had lost some of it’s previous glamor! I was quite thrilled when we discovered a leak in the bed back in the Dec., secretly I was excited about the leak. I knew we could now get rid of the bed. So this past week our new pillow top bed arrived. It is so nice, and my back doesn’t ache every morning either.

So for those who are wondering what that picture of my son’s eyesore riveting, lovely, beautiful fort is doing at the top of a post about an old waterbed…..well look closely at the newer wood on the 2nd floor of his fort complex in our woods. That “new” wood is actually part of our old waterbed frame!!!! He is already scheming a way to get part of the nice, maple headboard included in the fort also.

Funny how life is, what once seemed so lovely to us, is now cherished wood for a 13 year olds fort. It’s a visual reminder to me, that stuff ( materialistic things) eventually lose their appeal, and no longer provide joy, and satisfaction. Their joy is fleeting. My constant prayer is that I will store up for myself lasting treasures in heaven. And allow my joy, satisfaction, and contentment to come from the things of Christ, not the things of this world!

P. S. Check out this earlier post to see a pic of the fort in it’s early days. 🙂


  1. SportTman, I love your eyesore…….oops, I mean fort. Seriously, you have kept at it and created sometning special. “MOM,” I am happy that your back feels better!! I knew this day would come. Waterbeds are passe, and only for the young, (very young).

  2. I lost my love affair with waterbeds when I was pregnant. Made it through my first pregnancy with it but it was gone when I discovered I was pregnant with my second. I’ve never looked back. I adore my pillowtop!

    Your son’s fort is great! My son would have loved to be able to do something like that!

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Be sure to tell me how you found it… I need to know who to keep bribing to keep mentioning me! 😉

    I love this post! My boys are always taking things that their dad and I would rather completely get rid of, and “recycling” it in some fashion. I am always amazed at their ingenuity!

  4. Another thing we have in common…Our (Strongman and I)first bed was a “stylish,” huge head-boarded (complete with mirrors), waterbed. The difference…We only kept the water mattress for five years. When I became pregnant with Consecrated, I found it was no longer possible for me to move freely in a “water environment.” We ended up replacing the water mattress with a regular mattress. We updated our bed ~7 years ago when we repainted our bedroom.

    Materialistic things do lose their attractiveness. Jesus is the only One who becomes more beautiful with time.

    Thanks for your insight!!! Have a blessed week!!!

  5. Clarification: Jesus’ beauty becomes more apparent to us over time. As we draw near to Him, He draws near to us and reveals His awesome beauty.

  6. Funny how our posts are somewhat related…

    I posted about “treasures in heaven”, and the materials on the tree hous emy kids and neighbor kids are building are from an old bunk bed (I posted photos 🙂

    Happy Day!

  7. I like your sons’ craftsmanship. Very resourceful. So…is he looking to rig some electric out there for the “lighted up” part yet?

    Thanks for your comment about the Giants win! Hooray! Definitely a lot of celebrating in our corner that’s for sure. 🙂 Haven’t posted about that b/c frankly I’ve been too busy today – but I did want to stop by and say ‘hi’.

  8. I love this post! Looks like a dream house to me.
    We got rid of water bed with my first pregnancy 10 yrs ago. When I couldn’t seem to roll out of bed anymore we knew it was time.

  9. Personally I think that is a perfect use for that waterbed headboard.

    We had one too. It had built in bookshelves in it. We sold it years ago…I wonder where it is now.

    I am new to blogging. It’s nice to meet you.


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