Sick mama slaves in kitchen to make special cookies for kids!


Check out these cookies I whipped up as a snack for the kids yesterday……while I was home sick. Before you think I must be feeling great to make homemade cookies…..or gosh, she must be trying to win the coveted “mom of the year” award, she made cookies while she was sick. Neither is true! Albeit, I do feel better, let me explain the steps involved in this process.

Step #1 – Walk to your freezer and pull out a bag of frozen homemade sugar dough ( made about 1 month ago). Pull out some red sugar, roll frozen dough into a ball, roll in sugar. Grease cookie sheet, put cookies on baking sheet, bake at 300 degrees for 10 min. At this point, you smile to yourself, since the house smells of fresh baked sugar cookies, and you have that content Martha Stewart feeling. The Inventor then comes home from school at the moment I am pulling them out of the oven, and proclaims, “Wow those look great!”

I quickly hide the baggie that had the dough in it so she thinks I am the greatest mom and slaved over the cookies, despite suffering from strep throat.   LOL!  Actually she remembered we had made the dough together awhile back.   We then enjoy cookies together!!



The finished product. I added a chocolate chip, because it’s always wise to add chocolate to anything! All wise moms know this.

Here is my silly daughter enjoying her snack!


Ancient Chinese proverb says – “Smart moms keeps frozen cookie dough in freezer”


  1. I do the same with homemade bread dough. When I make the dough, I quadruple the batch, so I have left overs. We are SMART!!!

  2. Yummers! And what’s the harm in letting them think we love them so much that we would get off our death bed to make “homemade” cookies just because we love them that much! LOL! Actually, someday we’ll have to let them in on the secret so they can do the same thing! But you have several years before you have to tell :o)

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