Yipee!!!!!! Snow Day!

I think teachers enjoy a good snow day as much as the kids do. I still feel the same excitement I had as a child when snow is in the forecast. I am hoping, anticipating a day off of school. So today when the phone rang at 5:20am to let us know school was canceled ( hubby and I teach at the same school, and it’s the same district our kids attend. So we are ALL off!), I went back to sleep with a smile on my face!

After playing in the snow so much in Lake Placid, we are all pretty content to stay indoors today, especially since there is a lot of freezing rain/sleet.


SportTman got a whopping $30 for shoveling a neighbors driveway.

Drums shoveled our driveway and got nothing.

The Inventor and I are making these yummy treats today.

And I am finally trying this wonderful crock-pot recipe I saw at Susanne’s a while back.

The kids and Drums are watching a movie right now.

It’s a nice relaxing day at our house…… and it is very needed.

I am thankful for snow days.


  1. Snow days are great. They don’t affect us as much yet because none of our kids are in school but my husband plows the camp for the school bus to get through our drive in the morning. I grew up with lots of snow and remember how fun they were.

  2. As a homeschooling family, we don’t get snow days, much to my kids chagrin! I do have to remind Fire though that we took off in September (during school time) to hang out in Myrtle Beach.

    I’m glad you guys had a day off together!!! Bless you all!!!!

  3. Being from up north, I recall the “snow day” buzz. It had to 2 feet or so and extremely dangerous on the roads. Around here in NC, I have to laugh. Every school and business shuts down at the slightest possiblity of snow forecasted. All bottled water and can goods are wipped off the shelves. It’s a marketing technique, I am convinced of it. Because inclement weather is so rare here, I think we “share” snow plows with the neighboring county. Isn’t that strange? Strange is when kids are out riding their bike because of the “snow day”.

    I am glad you had a restful week to catch up on feeling better!

  4. MMMM, can I come for supper? LOL. I hope you enjoy it.

    We never get a snow day here. I don’t think in my kids whole school experience that school has ever been closed. They might close schools that rely on out in the country bussing, like the Christian schools, but in town as long as vehicles can drive school is on.

  5. I gotta tell you, I have had quite enough of the snow. It makes me feel so dreary. I am really ready to see the green of spring!!

    Glad you had a good rest, though!!

    Take care…

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