Snake handling and Fifth Disease

Just found out today the cause of what I thought was a weird spring flu. I had joint pain, a fever, hand and feet swelling, TIRED, rash etc. I have Fifth Disease, normally a childhood illness. It’s one of those things that if adults get it, it’s worse then when kids get it. So my symptoms should begin to clear up, they say in1-3 months. At least it explains why I have not felt right since I had a fever, and headache back on my birthday on May 1st. So this just gives me an excuse to nap more….and of course it makes me even more eager for school to be done. We are done June 9th!!!

Do you think the wild snake handling caused my illness? What do you think, am I cool or what holding that cute corn snake? The picture was taken in my classroom at school, whew it was a good thing I wore lots of deodorant that day! Actually, I had a really cool guy come do a reptile presentation for my students, we all loved it!

What do you think of the picture mom??? Remember how I used to be so afraid of snakes? 🙂


  1. Yuck…sorry to hear about fifths disease. I always thought it was such a weird name. I had no clue it was worse for adults. I hope you have more energy soon. Sorry I’ve been away from blog-land lately…lots of stuff on my plate. Oh and not to make you feel bad but my kids get to wear black baseball pants! Kathy

  2. Wow…5th disease…yuck…my oldest child had that as a preschooler…my youngest has never had it! It does tend to go around in the spring/summer….I’ll keep ya in prayer.

    I am So not a snake fan but….what a great thing for your students!
    I just pet one on our Science Museum field trip last month but let me tell ya…I only pet it to role model for one of the kids who was freaking out…..once she saw me pet it, she did…and loved the experience….there is NO way I would hold it though! You are brave!

  3. The girls took one look at this pic and said, “Aunt Sandy is crazy!”
    We love you, Alyss and Jess

  4. Sandy, two things….I’ve got chills seeing you hold that snake….shiver! They are God’s creations, but I am not fond of them I admit! Secondly, I am so sorry you have Fifth’s Disease. I don’t know much about it so I’m going to look it up today. I hate that you hurt though. I feel your pain girl!

    I’ll be keeping you in my prayers and please let us know when you feel like it’s over and done with.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Sammie-Sue…..U R right… is amazing to see YOU holding a snake! It was not so bad, right? I always remember you running into the bathroom and closing the door when Brian brought Bubba over to the house. NOW, you have a dog! “Never say ‘Never.'”
    I hope and pray that you are feeling better each day. I love you! MOM

  6. Oh.My.Gosh Sandy…that is a nice little snake you are holding, but WOW is the snake in the other picture HUGE or what?!?!?

    I am so sorry to hear about the 5th Disease, but it does make sense, and at least you have some answers now, right?

    Hey…thanks for the tip on the CoQ10…I asked my doc and my chiro and they both said it would be a great idea to start taking as well. I really appreciate the tip!!! 😉

    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!
    Melissa in Mel’s World

  7. Along with all the other wonderful things you are… now a snake handler??? OK — You are definitely the coolest mom around! 🙂 Love you and hope you are feeling better sooner than “they” say! 🙂 lw

  8. Hey Sandy! It’s your long lost cousin Diane! I got your blog info from my mom and I thought I would see how you all are doing. What a great way for me to catch up with your busy life! I got your email too and I am going to drop you a line soon so I can fill you in on what’s going on with my side :-> Hope you are feeling better–love, Diane

  9. I’m impressed!!! Holding a SNAKE!!! I’m sorry you are sick. In Jesus name, may His healing power flood you!!! You are such an awesome teacher!!!

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