One gorgeous weekend, and one frigid ocean!

We were at the beach for SportTman ‘s baseball tournament, at the “Sports at the Beach” complex in Rehoboth Beach, DE. After 7 games in 3 days, his team won the championship! It was a fun, weekend…but I am tired!

I thought I would show what happens when you swim in the ocean on Memorial Day weekend.

This is how my kids started……do you see the excitement in their eyes, they were so excited to make their first plunge into the ocean. SportTman lasted a record 20 min. The Inventor did not fare quite as well…..but they sure had FUN!

This is what you look like after spending 10 min. in the frigid early season ocean water

The Inventor’s final solution to shaking and freezing!


  1. That is too funny!

    Today, while swimming in our redneck (above ground) pool, PinkGirl started shivering and her lips were actually BLUE, but she did NOT want to stop swimming. So she went inside and got in a warm shower for about 5 minutes, came back out and swam for another 1/2 hour!

    My little problem solver.

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