Things I would LOVE to hear at my house……..

I have been a pretty lousy bloggy buddy lately. I just have been too busy and TIRED from this Fifth Disease. However, there are 6 days of school left, and then I know I will be an involved blogger again once school is out!

Until then I was thinking about some things I would like to hear at my house……..

“Can you please show me how to put the toilet paper on the roll again, I know I never do it, but I want to learn to do it right.”

“Mom, can I please have more broccoli!”

SportTman to his friends, ” I better go in guys, I got a lot of homework to finish and I don’t want to wait until the last minute.

“Congratulations you just won the lottery”

” I just cleaned my room.”

“Would you like a 1/2 hour foot rub?”

SprotTman after winning a baseball tournament – “Great idea mom, this will be memorable moment, so I would love to get my picture taken with my sister.”

…….quiet! 🙂


  1. LOL…great!

    I would love to hear
    1. I would love to fold the laundry, Mom!
    2. You’re right Mom, I DON’t need another pair of flip flops in another shade of pink.
    and many more…..
    Get better soon…it’s weird but this past week in our kindergartne class THREE kids had Fifth Disease. we only have 17 more days of school left….yippee….

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