A stitch in the knee is saving me……..

A stitch in the knee is saving me from this crazy, busy life we live lately. Yep, SportTman got his first set of stitches last night! He was diving for a ball at batting practice before his baseball game, and hit a rock. It did a lovely job of slicing open his knee, he ended up needing 11 stitches! I am so thankful for the wonderful christian family practice that we go to, they were able to see him right away and stitch him up in the doctor’s office.

So with SportTman out of commission for several days our schedule is suddenly freed up! It is so nice to have some time at home. The Inventor is done with soccer, SportTman can’t play baseball for at least 5-7 days, and school is out in 3 more days!!!!

I have thought many times on how crazy our schedule is in the spring, but it relaxes more in the summer. Since hubby and I are both teachers, we can enjoy some down time in the summer. I see how important that time is for resting, relaxing, refreshing, and renewing! It is needed, and necessary and I don’t feel guilty about taking that time. Every family needs some down time, to Be Still Before the Lord! Imagine that concept of truly being still. Still, and silent, just alone with God, in silence. Wow, that is truly a great concept to grasp and cling to. I hope you have some down time planned for you and your family this summer, hopefully it won’t come as the result of 11 stitches!


  1. Praying that it heals soon!

    Yes, it is sooo important to have that down time!

    Our first day of doing nothing is June 26…yeah!

    Let me know if you do come to the ADK’s this summer!

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