The dog ate the cell phone……..almost!

“Honey I can’t find my cell phone have you seen it?” Drums yells out to me.

“I’ll call it, and we can listen for it to ring.”

So I keep calling his number as we both walk around the house trying to find his cell phone. We search all the usual places, in the car, in the couch seat cushions, in his pants pocket in the laundry…..the normal spots you look for a cell phone.

I venture into the basement to seek out the phone, and think I hear a very faint ringing. The cell phone ringing leads me to a small unfinished part of our basement.

“Honey, I yell, I think your phone is down here……it sounds like it’s coming from the dog food bin!!!”


“Yep you heard me honey,it’s in the most logical place to keep a cell phone, the dog food bin!” I reply with such wifely sarcasm.

Hubby arrives on the scene and also hears the phone ringing….in the dog food. I just smile and give him that wife look, that implies, see I told you so! 🙂

So together we dig through layers and layers of the new 40lb bag of dog food that was just dumped into the bin. We are enjoying our bonding time together when The Inventor appears and asks like it’s a normal every day occurrence, “Why is the cell phone ringing in the dog food?”

So after digging for at least 10 min. we finally locate the cell phone at the bottom of the bin! Apparently it fell out of Drums front pocket while he was dumping the dog food into the bin and he didn’t realize it.

Moral of the story……If you are over 40, make sure you check places like the refrigerator, dryer, the garage and the dog food bin when looking for the often misplaced cell phone!


  1. That’s really funny! I saw a link to your blog from someone else’s (you know how it goes; click, click, click.

    I had to read your blog just by virtue of the name! I love Jesus and I love Dark Chocolate. It deserved attention. Look forward to more funny stories!

    Have a blessed day! Krista

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