Off to the Creation Festival!

We are leaving early tomorrow morning for the Creation Festival! It is the largest christian music festival in the country and I have attended many times over the years! I think my first time to attend was the summer of 1983!! So I have quite a history of attending, which is a nice way of saying…..I’m old.

I went several times between 1983-90. Drum’s band played there in 1994. I went with my son in 2003 for the day, and attended most of the festival last year with my kids. We had such a wonderful bonding time together! Read about it here. But this year, Drums, the kids and I are heading out just for the day…..a LONG day mind you.

It’s hard with our schedules to manage just a day, SportTman is skipping the last day of basketball camp, and a baseball scrimmage to attend! But he really wants to see the band Pillar, one of his favorites!

So I am looking forward to the day of soaking up some good christian music, and a fun time with my family. And of course sweating up a storm and peeing all day in lovely blue outhouses!

David Crowder Band, The Newsboys, Ayisha Woods, Family Force Five, Pillar, Sanctus Real and Pure NRG (tween band) are all on our schedule to see!


  1. Have a great time!!! Tell SportTman that I like Pillar too. I’ve seen them a few times already, but can only listen. Their light show is too much for me…I’m not suppose to look at strobe lights d/t my seizure history.

    BTW the new school buses (the ones with the strobes on top) even bother me if it happens to be dark. I even called my representatives about it as I’m not the only one with that history.

    Do strobes bother you with your migraines? I’ve read studies that strobes affect those with seizures and migraines.

  2. Have an awesome time!!!!

    We are heading to SoulFest in NH…same type of thing as Creation Festival.
    It’s end of July, beginning of August. My hubby is going for free as a youth leader, my daughters and I can’t go until friday but…..our fave band THE NEWSBOYS will be there on sat. nite, the first one in aug….we are so excited…it’ll be our first one!
    (hopefully our camper will pass inspection this weekend so we CAN go!!)
    Have fun! God’s blessings on you!

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