Thankful Thursday-Fall

Much to be thankful for this week, including the beautiful fall weather. I really enjoyed looking at the fall pictures Just A Flip Flop Mom had. I love fall in her neck of the woods.

I am thankful for the simple beauty of watching a leaf fall to the ground.

I love the beauty in the changing colors of the leaves, what a reflection of God’s majesty

I am thankful for the crisp air, and cozy sweatshirts, and a warm cup of coffee.

I am thankful for apples! I love the variety of apples, and how easy they are to pack in lunches. 🙂 I grabbed one the other morning and munched it down on the way to school. Easy, nutritious and yummy!

Enjoy the fall ladies, here are 2 pictures to help you embrace it’s beauty. What a reflection of the beauty and majesty of God.


  1. WOW… what gorgeous pictures! You and I must have been on the same wavelength this week, Sandy. My thankful post was on the season of fall, too. What a great time of year it is!

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  2. Sandy,

    Hi there!!! Long time no see. Your pics – as always – are gorgeous! The fall is such a lovely time here in PA. I have my blog back up (though it’s slim pickins so far). I have missed it.

    I am THANKFUL the ‘Skins are having a good year, knock on wood!!

  3. The pictures were taken in the Catskill Mtns of New York last fall. I was there for my brother’s wedding. We woke up early the morning of the wedding and this was the view from our hotel room. It was lovely!

  4. You’re pictures are WONDERFUL!! I LOVE THEM!!! PA is probably my 3 favorite state.. after NH and VT.. ok.. well.. there is Maine too.. LOL LOL… I loved PA.. my BIL and SIL live there.. and it was quite lovely…

    Thanks for your Positive post .. I NEEDED to read them.. I’ve had such a “blue” week.. that it’s nice to be reminded of God’s greatest little gifts…

  5. These are definitely gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Great post, Sandy.

    By the way, still need to get your address so I can send your book. : )

  6. Those pictures are spectacular! I love the fog too! Very mysterious and cool. Doensn’t it make you wonder how God does all that? Still boggles my mind that created everything that we look at and cherish!

  7. Sandy, thanks for visiting my blog. What beautiful colorful hills! I am not sure where you live, but it looks beautiful!

    I am having my Christmas open house in the shop next Thurs, Fri, Sat. The market demands it. I dig in my heels when closing fall and opening Christmas, but that is when people are really starting to change over…

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