Christmas Question

I saw this carnival at An Island Life, and since it’s been a VERY busy week with little time for blogging I thought I would give this a try.

You are supposed to simply ask a question.   After visiting my favorite local “it has everything” kind of store back in early September, I saw that it had out ALL of it’s Christmas displays. As soon as “back-to-school shopping” was done, the Christmas stuff was out.   Inquiring minds want to know……….

When is the right time to put up Christmas decorations/displays in a store? And when to YOU start decorating for Christmas around your house???

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  1. I don’t think that Christmas items should be out before Thanksgiving or at least AFTER halloween. We usually put up our tree and other Christmas decor the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

  2. I’d like to see retail Christmas decorations not put up until right before Thanksgiving. I don’t like to see them right now– it’s only October!

    In our home, we put up the Christmas tree and decor the day after Thanksgiving.

    Happy Aloha friday!

  3. Stores: Right before Thanksgiving (for the big shopping thing) Although personally I would say AFTER for the stores, I think in order to get the shoppers in the mood, they need to decorate.
    My house? I like to start the day after Thanksgiving…putting up the tree, and then little by little over the next week or so, put all the rest of the stuff.

  4. I say they should put them in stores about a week or two before thanksgiving so people can start buying what they need(if they need anything)! We put our christmas decorations the sunday after Thanksgiving because that is when family goes back home!

  5. I don’t know about the stores…I’ve seen them up too in September. I was pretty shocked. I think they should at least wait til after Halloween! As for us, we decorate after thanksgiving.

  6. LOVE the title of your blog!!!! My husband complains that it so much effort for little time, so I used to decorate on Nov 1. But now I read a blogger that decorates before Halloween because her family doesn’t do Halloween. I brought that up to Hubs and he LOVES that idea. So I think next year we will try that. Our house is on the market this year so we will not put Christmas decorations up besides our giant 3 foot stockings.

  7. I am going to say after Halloween but before Thanksgiving for the decor in the stores. We always put our tree up on Thanksgiving night, that way we know for sure everyone will be home for the tradition. I am not big on decorations either, so basically a tree is all we do too.

  8. I normally do the decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but I am worried about baby M, he is a climber, so I might have to prolong it this year.

  9. Hmm.. I think the right time is the beginning of October since lol that is when my husband insist on us putting up our tree and decorations. Yes, our tree is up. lol First week of October!

  10. I like to see display immediately after Halloween (which I do not like displays of) and decorate usually the weekend after Thanksgiving Day.

  11. I think stores/malls should wait until Thanksgiving has passed before putting up displays although the sales can start as early as possible!!

    I begin decorating for xmas/winter on Dec 1st. because I work outside the home, I tend to take about a week to get everything the way I want it.
    The tree tends to go up the 2nd weekend of Dec.

  12. Thanks for all your responses! It’s so interesting to see what others do. We decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I always think if I’m going to put all that effort into it, I want to have it up as long as possible 🙂
    It bothers me that the Christmas decorations appear in the stores in early September. It reveals to me that Christmas is simply another money making opportunity. I know they are a business and they need to make a profit…..but it still bugs me. 🙂

  13. I think it’s ok for stores to start putting out Christmas stuff in November, so we can purchase it and be ready right after Thanksgiving to decorate. Currently stores decorate and sell Christmas merchandise TOO early. Thanksgiving is lost. It’s now Halloween and Christmas…NO Thanksgiving. We’ve forgotten to be Thankful.

  14. When I was growing up, our family tradition was Dec. 1st because that’s my parents’ wedding anniversary.

    Now in my family here, we do it on the weekend after Thanksgiving (just the easiest time – otherwise we get busier and busier in Dec. (plus – I love Christmas so the longer the decors are up the better.

  15. If you were to ask a question about who is going to win the upcoming election, or how much of a tax break Joe the Plumber is really gonna get, or is global warming going to destroy the environment for our children, or what is the actual age of the universe?…I would remain silent and not post. But, when I saw such a serious and contraversial issue as this, I could remain silent no longer…ONE week before Thanksgiving for retail stores and anytime after Thanksgiving (preferably the first weekend) for homeowner displays…should be the only acceptable practice. Also all Christmas music collections should include the horribly off-key Brady Bunch Christmas (a true classic) and one last thing…PINK is never an acceptable Christmas light color! Christmas lights should be primary colors only, with the possible, very rare exception for very dark purple. But pink should be forever banned from all strands of Christmas lights. There you have it. I have said my piece. May all of you have a joyous Christmas remembering the birth of our Savior. Talk to you soon, Sammy Sammy Eggs and Hammy! Little Bro, SSSSSScott

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