I felt like a pioneer woman!

I felt like a true pioneer woman lately………imagine this, we were with out internet service for almost 3 entire days, due to early modem death.  Talk about the dark ages.  Can you even imagine what life would be like with out the internet??  🙂

I had to read books instead of blogs!

I had to use a cookbook, instead of checking a recipe online

I had to wait an entire 10min. for my local weather forecast on the weather channel, instead of checking it right away online!

I had to call someone and talk to them instead of writing on their “wall” on Facebook

I read my local newspaper instead of the local news online.

I realized that I still have an old family medicine book, but it is dated from 1996, and is really quite useless.

I also realized that no one uses the World Book Encyclopedia anymore.

Yes I am thankful to be back online, but I must say I did enjoy my pioneer woman days with no internet…..at least for the first day. 🙂


  1. A friend and I were just talking about this very thing. You are so right on with how dependent we are on the internet. 10 minutes for the weather…Ugh! Then if you are not standing waiting, you miss it…happens to me all the time. Glad you are back. I miss reading your insightful posts!

  2. I “hear” you Sandy! “Internet fasts” happen quite often where we are living, so now I am excited to simply get a connection! Funny how expectations can change — It’s been good for me! 🙂 Love & miss you — lw

  3. That is so funny – I used to give my boys “Pioneer Days” when they were exceptionally misbehaved. If they didn’t have it in the Pioneer Days, they couldn’t have it either. I stopped this practice when Little Brother confided in me that he really didn’t think it was a punishment – “you know, Mom, reading books is just like watching tv… just all the action happens in your head!”

    So, back to the drawing board. Hope you got a chance to read some good books!! I am in the middle of Tale of Two Cities – LOVE IT!

  4. HA! I LOVE this post! What would we do without the internet…? Ugg…I just pray that wherever we move to next month has internet…DSL preferably…hA! OH…is that too much to ask? Dirt floor…ok…no running water…ok….just give me internet and I’ll be fine. Ok so maybe not…I need running water. Thanks for sharing!

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