The Weekend….

I don’t often post about my daily happenings, but this weekend proved itself different from most lately.  So I thought I would post about it.  We had planned on traveling to Rehoboth Beach, DE so SportTman could play in a baseball tournament at Sports at the Beach.  We had reserved a hotel, and despite the lack of packing ahead of time, we were planning to leave Friday after school.  But then I checked in with the Sports at the Beach website during lunch on Friday……….and the website said the games for Sat. were canceled due to the forcasted rain!!!  Canceled………whoa, did I read that right????  Excitement began to brew in my mind…….the thought of a free weekend entered my mind.  A call from the head coach soon confirmed my hopes of a free weekend.

So we had a glorious free weekend!  It has been over a month since I last had a free weekend!  I enjoyed sleeping in a bit on Sat. morning, shopping with my son for some much needed jeans, checking out the new Apple store at our local mall, hanging out with friends and eating pizza, and finally making it to church today. I got a good work out in today, I walked in the beautiful fall weather outside.  As I type this we are all sitting in our basement together, watching the World Series.( Go Phillies!)

My weekend did not consist of big, exciting things, but it was a reminder to me that the simple things in life can bring contentment and joy.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh, how I love surprise free weekends! I’m so glad you got to have one. We went out of town, but it was a time for rest and relaxation away from the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, etc. I find that I never truly relax until I get away from home and all the stuff that I think just has to be done right then. So, we had a good weekend, too.

  2. All that and a Skins win too – wow, I would say you had yourself an awesome weekend.

    We went down to MD to watch the game at Daddy D’s brother’s house. We had a great time, LOTS of food. But, alas, I am tired today!

  3. Well my weekend wasn’t free.. but it was a good one!!!
    So glad you had a GREAT one.. I love the lazy lazy weekend days.. especially the days when it snows.. ( yeah I said that word)…and you really can’t go and do anything… but lay under your quilts and READ!! Yeah.. I’m a nerd.. Ü

  4. I’m not tellin’ ya how my weekend was but….i’ll give you a clue.
    “it stunk”..come on over to read why!
    So glad you had a relaxing one…how is school this year?
    I am LOVING it.

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