Memories of the scripture-mobile

The other day for some unknown reason I was reminded of the infamous scripture-mobile. Isn’t it weird how things pop into your brains out of nowhere……..or does that just happen to me??

I am not sure what brought it to mind…….But I was reflecting on the old blue, Dodge car that my BFF drove.  I don’t remember a lot about this car, but I do remember the yellow post it notes.  It was about the time that post it notes were first invented ( some of us actually remember a time with no post it notes!).  My friend had those lovely yellow post it notes all over her car.  Each post it note had a scripture written on it, thus we coined the car the “scripture mobile.”  We were probably about 20 years old at the time, and I remember a gloomy night in the “scripture mobile” when we were returning from a beach trip.  It was our first time driving to the beach on our own, and crossing the dreaded 5 mile long, Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  The Bay Bridge is a long, narrow bridge, it’s not for the faint of heart….or for 2 young 20 year olds crossing it for the first time……… a summer thunderstorm.

I remember approaching the bridge and the 2 of us wondering if we should cross it or not ( although trust me there really aren’t options at this point, but we didn’t realize that).  So we both prayed, I read the scriptures as my friend drove, and we ventured on to the bridge.  The lighting was pretty fierce as we were crossing, and we both were petrified, but we just kept praying and reading the scriptures on the post it notes.  Finally, as we reached the highest peak on the bridge, the scariest part.  One of those wild lightening bolts that scatter all over the sky, lit up the sky and bridge!  At that point, you will never believe what happened.  🙂  We both at the same time looked at each other and proclaimed, “Wow that was awesome!”  Yep our fears had been calmed, and at that moment we were able to actually enjoy the beauty of a summer thunderstorm, high above the Chesapeake Bay.

The scripture mobile eventually died, and we both mourned the passing of the many memories made in that car.  But the memory that remains, is of that night on the Bay Bridge, when God calmed our fears.  The power of God’s word remains that way 25 years later. It has the power to calm hearts and fears, even if it’s written on a post it note!



  1. I have crossed that bridge many times in my few years of coaching volleyball going to visit another teams gym. White knuckling it the whole way in the bus and praying. I don’t have post it notes, but I have paper that I ran through the printer with scriptures on them posted in my van and all over our house. I think it is an awesome idea for scripture to be visible at all times.

  2. What a great story! I have never crossed that bridge. But, I hate driving in thunderstorms! I pray the whole time!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. I’ve never been on that bridge but I did have to cross the Golden Gate Bridge when we visited San Francisco….at least we weren’t in a thunderstorm though!

    And yes…God’s majesty is just awesome….even in a storm…love your post!

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