I haven’t done a WFMW in a long time.  But I just had to share this creative use for an old golf bag.  We had this golf bag sitting in our garage forever…..and I do mean forever.  One day as I was sick and tired of the mop and brooms that I stored between my dryer and washing machine CONSTANTLY falling on the floor.  In my frustration, I wandered the house looking for something to put these things in.  Somehow I wondered in to the garage, spotted the old golf bag, stuck the broom, mop and swifter in and they stayed put.  I then added several other items, stuck the golf bag out side the door from the kitchen to the garage.  I am so pleased with this ugly, silly, yet very practical set-up I just had to share it.



  1. I love your excitement and excellence in photography regarding your post. :)Isn’t it funny how simple things impress us? Good job on being resourseful. Being here in Mexico, my Mexican friends have taught me alot about not wasting anything, stretching everything. It’s an art and a science. When it is so easy to just “buy something” it often supresses creativity.

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