Simple Things

Sometimes it’s just the simple things in life that bring joy.  We went to get our canoe this past weekend at a local lake. And I had a rare Martha Stewart moment, while there I spotted a bunch of pine cones under several huge, old, pine trees.  I picked up several pine cones, and lots of free greenery and made this basket.

It’s a simple thing, but I am enjoying it this Christmas season!

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  1. Gorgeous…I have pinecones from the Adirondacks sitting in a large pewter fruit bowl and it looks lovely….yours is just beautiful…I love using God’s creation to decorate!
    Enjoy the season!

  2. That is beautiful and you just totally gave me an idea for what I want to do in my front porch planter. The thing is way too heavy to move and put somewhere else so now I want to do a natural looking display in it like this. I’m glad you had a Martha Moment! :v)

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