It still stands!


I have been driving past this lovely, and beloved creche each morning on my way to school.  Each morning as I sit in traffic I ponder it’s significance.  I think how our town still proudly gathers together to erect a nativity in the middle of town each year.   I ponder what it represents in a world that is trying the take the Christ out of Christmas.  I admire it’s simple beauty. It’s the same simple, and humble beauty that sent Jesus to this earth on a lowly night in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago.
I am also reminded of the “battle” that took place to keep this creche in town.  The story of God’s handiwork in that creche is such a great story I just wanted to share it with you.  It really warms my heart each year when I see Jesus, Joseph and Mary right smack in the middle of our town.  So allow me to indulge you a bit in the history of this creche.
Back in 1994 several residents asked the ACLU to step in and see if this nativity was even allowed to be displayed in town.  The lawyers first demanded the nativity be taken down. They complained such a “religious” figure had no place in any town.  In an effort to combat the ACLU, many in our town gathered together one COLD December night right in the middle of the town square to pray, we even had recording artist Wayne Watson come and sing a few Christmas songs. It was a heartwarming event, yet we were all unsure as to what would become of the beloved creche. After the lawyers researched for weeks the ownership of the little tract of land in the center of town that the nativity sits on……..they found out that the local Moravian Church that originally founded the town in the mid 1700s’ still owns the square!! Since it stands on private property the nativity can still be displayed each year at Christmas.  Amazing isn’t it?
I always admire the the simple beauty of this magnificent symbol. It’s the same simple, and humble beauty that sent Jesus to this earth on a lowly night in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. That is why our family celebrates Christmas! Thank you God that a precious nativity can still stand in my town and be a strong, visual reminder to all that pass by that your birth and sacrifice is the true reason we celebrate Christmas.


  1. I rejoice with you that the creche remains, and that my Moravian family of faith is able to contribute to the celebration.

    A small caution: Please don’t demonize the ACLU — they would have acted only on a complaint or request from an individual or group. They also act to protect religious rights, as when a tent evangelist was about to be shut down because he made too much noise. The ACLU opposed the County Commissioners on that issue and the evangelist was allowed to remain in place with his amplifiers turned down a bit.

    Our blessings come in unexpected ways.

  2. Thanks Al for the comment. I have seen the ACLU stand for a few positive things over the years. So I can appreciate your comment, however in this case it was a bit abrasive the way the whole situation was handled.
    Regardless of the process, we are thankful for the outcome!

  3. That’s awesome, Sandy!
    BLessed be the name of the Lord…..our town sure doesn’t promote Christ in Christmas…although…glory to God, the big mall in the western part of Albany (the south part of our town) is letting our church Grace Fellowship and the HizKidz Praise!ministry perform the musical IN FULL on Sat at the mall center…this is HUGE because most churches don’t get the permission. we are thankful that our church has a good reputation which I think really helped with this. AND the musical has a salvation message!!!
    Please pray for us….my youngest has a ballet solo in it…please pray for good health for everyone next weekend! blessings to you

  4. Wonderful Story. Love it.

    Sad to say I found your blog because the title includes my two favorite things. : ) Because of this, I’ve left you a present on my blog. : )

    Now, off to discover where you live. It looks beautiful and my kids are slowly becoming outdoor kids.

  5. We have never had to face this in our community. I hope we never do. I love how you all gathered to pray even though it was very cold. And what a wonderful finding that the land was private. Praise God.

  6. We fought the religious Christmas battles here a long time ago. You were so lucky that the plot of ground was private property.

    We do have a few churches in the area that have live nativities. Which is a real challenge in northern Illinois. We’ve topped out at 12 degrees today, and now that it’s warmed up a bit – it’s snowing. God bless the people who stay out there to do that. It really is a site to behold.

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