Technology Stress


I had “TS”lately. Our router at home hasn’t been working, and then my laptop from school has some major “issues” So I have been with out a computer for 2 days. Right now I have a “loaner” which is working fine and I am happy to be back as a 40-something tech mom! However, all this TSS ( no, not Toxic Shock Syndrome) Technology Stress Syndrome got me thinking how much I depend on technology!

With out my computer I couldn’t access my iCalendar, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do on Thurs. I actually had to THINK and not rely on my nifty iCal. Imagine that…..thinking….at my age! šŸ™‚

All this TS also got me thinking………….I did not grow up with iPods, cell phones, Facebook, My Space, laptop computers, Cordless phones, answering machines, Bluetooth, a Blackberry, PlayStations, Wii, etc…… With out technology what did I do?

Well……..I actually learned a lot of things growing up with out all of this tech stuff.

I learned important life lessons like;

I learned that I had to wait for things. I couldn’t talk to friends wherever and whenever on a cell phone. I also had to wait and go to a record store to buy music. I couldn’t just download it instantaneously from the internet.

I learned a great love for the outdoors. I would spend hours outside playing, being in the house was boring and there was nothing to do there. There were no video games to keep me inside. There was a great world to conquer outside!

I learned to communicate, and problem solve with friends face to face, not by texting or sending them an instant message.

I learned how to be content. I would sit a watch the same TV show for an hour, I would sit through the commercials, and not switch the channels constantly. I was happy to watch The Brady Bunch, and just sit on a couch and not have to multi-task, or text a friend. I sat, calm and content.

I know these may seem like small things, but many of these exact lessons have helped to guide me through the trials of life. And even thou I count myself as a tech geek……there are times when I wonder if all of this is helping society and the next generation? What do you think?


  1. I have had to limit computer time for my teen, which includes her Facebook and IM-ing to just 1 hour a day. same with tv although my kids don’t often choose tv as we don’t have cable.
    The cell phone has rules too. For the very reasons you list above!
    I have to have the same rule for blogging for my self!! šŸ™‚

    My youngest gets to choose 1 hour for computer or gameboy. she doesn’t have a cell yet as is just about to turn 10. She won’t get one until she enters Junior High for 7th grade. I think most kids today are less creative especially when it comes to nature and the arts due to all the technology.
    But hey…I JUST ordered our first Wii online this a.m. for my hubby for xmas! I figure at least he will be somewhat active playing the games! (we got him the sports games). I’m hoping I can beat him in tennis!
    Enjoy your week……

  2. I admit my life is in the world of computer now. It gets me through my day. But I also know we have to make the new generations go out side and play. 2 of my grandsons live close now. And I am trying to teach them the old ways. To go along with the new ways. So they will have balance and learn to have simple fun too.

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