He is entertaining, a goof, annoying to his sister at times, a typical boy who leaves his stuff laying around the house, his room isn’t the neatest, and his clothes are rarely put away in his drawers.  He is a boy who has a passion for sports.  He is also currently raising our weekly food bill by eating constantly, he stands tall at 6 feet, and is wears a size 13 shoe.  As an 8th grader, he plays for the 9th grade school basketball team, he also plays for a competitive tournament baseball team.

But I also see a leader beginning to emerge, he helps lead a bible study at his public school middle school, he isn’t real captivated by cell phones and the current popular clothes, he is content to be himself.   He enjoys going to youth group, and is not embarrassed that his mom is also his Sunday School teacher.  He enjoys playing drums for his Jr. High youth group praise team.  I am starting see glimpses of a Godly man forming.

Yes, this young man, my son SportTman turns 14  today.  He is a blessing to our family, and I am thankful that I can watch God form him into the man He wants to use for His glory.

Happy Birthday SportTman!

And yes, that is a tie he happily wore to school yesterday for an away basketball game……yes he is growing up!



  1. What a handsome young man! Happy Birthday to him!

    No, we don’t have to make up our 2 “ice” days…we are scheduled each year with 4 snow days but if we go over those we would make them up at end of June. In NYS we are only required to be in school for 180 days however, here in North Colonie we are required by the district to be in school 184. It is 4 days more than most districts in the state….but…I don’t mind. Of course we also are the only state in the nation to continue with the Regents exams so…..makes it kinda aggravating.
    We might have a delay tomorrow due to more ice and snow on the way. all of our snow (we only had 1 inch here but my parents got 8!) is melted as yesterday got up to 52 degrees!
    ENjoy the rest of the week. I am hoping to post more pics from the xmas show…sorry this is long!

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