Christmas Fun!

Fun and Family, what a great combination.  Christmas day was such a nice time of relaxing and enjoying time with my extended family.  Life gets so crazy, but times like this are the glue that hold us together.


The gifts are under the tree, just waiting for the kids to open them.  We started a tradition many years ago with opening gifts on Christmas morning.  We didn’t want the kids to engage in a fanatical rip fest of opening presents.  So The Inventor goes first each year and picks a gift to GIVE to someone else in the family.  That person opens the gift, and picks someone to GIVE the next gift to.  This way the emphasis is on giving more.  It has worked out so nicely, I really enjoy watching everyone get so excited to give someone a gift.


Candy for the Inventor and a fruitcake (that actually looked delicious) for Grandpa.


The Inventor making a fruit salad for the family, and SportTman eating it as she makes it…..typical boy! 🙂


Grammy and her grandson


My niece with her new princess tea set, and does she ever make some delicious tea!


The  ham was such a ham and insisted on having his picture taken………..ok, ok, I know that was bad.  But the ham was delicious, it’s from the Honey Baked Ham Co.


Here is my whole family…..sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are old enough to be at the big parent/adult table!  No longer sitting at the kid’s table, burping and blowing milk out through our noses! 🙂

And no holiday seems complete in our house, if one of the kids isn’t doing some kind of sport! So here is SportTman at his holiday basketball tournament.  He had 2 games on the 26th and 2 on the 27th!



  1. You have a lovely family. It looks like a great Christmas!

    Fire started practicing indoor soccer with our local high school team. He love soccer anad wants to play on the high school team in the fall. He has been having a blast!!

  2. Oh what great pics! I love the idea of each person picking who should get the next gift. What a great way to put the emphasis on giving! And I know what you mean about sitting at the grown up table. How did we get to be the mamas? I mean I know how it happened and I was there when it happened. But it just still doesn’t seem possible.

    Take care my friend!
    BTW, I loved the ham joke ;o)

  3. OK… don’t laugh at me for sharing this:

    When I was reading this post a thought popped in my head:

    If pre-arranged marriage is still the culture these days, I’ll talk to you guys to arrange my daughter with your son!

    Just a thought 🙂 (and shhhh… don’t tell my daughter I posted this 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time with the family on Christmas. I am not sure how I missed this post…I will have to do better, because I missed a whole bunch. Yikes. I love the Honey Baked Hams…we had one too! YUM. Wonderful pictures too!

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