New Look….same OLD me!

I am trying out a new blog look, but hopefully it will just be temporary until summer comes.  Then I want to work on getting a full blog makeover, but for now, I am just playing around with it.

Change can be a good thing.  I remember several weeks ago while standing in the deli line at my local grocery store, I began to hear rumblings of an uproar!  As I quickly learned from the people in line before me, the deli had switched to a different meat provider.  I thought things were going to get a little heated when the lady in front of me insisted that her husband has had the same deli meat for the past 32 years, (how she remembered that it is has been 32 years is beyond me, I can’t even remember what I bought at the grocery store last week!).  She was so upset about the switch, but somehow the employee behind the deli counter persuaded her to try the new product.  And much to this dear woman’s amazement, she confessed that it tasted “pretty good.”  But than quickly added, “it will be harder to convince my husband!”

Yes, even our predictable deli meats can change.  As a teacher for almost 20 years now, I have seen many changes in education, some good, some not so good, and some horrible.  But some of the changes have been good, and as the optimist that I am, I always try to see change as a good thing to embrace with a good attitude.  Sure reality sinks in sometimes, and we see that certain changes may not have been good, but reality may also sink in, and the change can be a great thing!

After all, God took a horrid sinner like me and changed/transformed me into a women with a heart to seek His things, that is truly one of the greatest changes in my life! God can change you and mold you into His perfect image, if we open ourselves to his changing power!  And as some people may tell you, allowing God’s Holy Spirit to transform your life is not as hard as changing the brand of deli meat you eat! 🙂

How are you allowing God to change you?

Now I am off to enjoy a delicious ham sandwich! 🙂


  1. In my Small Group tonight we read an illustration about filling ourselves with God’s love. The idea is to consider ourselves like a cup. Each morning we ask God to fill it to the brim with Himself so that we don’t look to things or others to find our identity. Then throughout the day any additional love/encouragement/filling we happen to receive from others overflows from us because our cup is already full.
    So “how am I allowing God to change me?” I’m going to ask Him to fill my cup each morning. Add to that a cup of joe and I think it could be a recipe for a perfect day.

  2. Jesus continues to build in my patience, perseverance and boldness. Twenty years ago I was more impatient, less perseverant (is that a word, Teach?), and a wimpy mouse. I still have those tendencies, but by His grace, less and less each day.

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