Not Me Monday


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It was Not Me that has been listening to the Journey songs that my 14 year old son downloaded.   It’s not my son that likes the same music as his mom!!

It was Not Me that was so excited to get out my best paper plates and paper cups and serve the subs we ordered for dinner one night last week.  Can you all say “EASY dinner, always makes the mom happy!”

It was certainly Not Me that waited to the last minute on Wed. to plan a lesson for my Girls Alive class I teach, and ended up “recycling” a lesson I taught from Jr. High Sunday School 2 weeks earlier.

It is not me who secretly wants to get better at playing Rock Band.

It was Not Me that despite being so tired one night last week, made a batch of fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies, simply because I craved cookie dough.

It is certainly Not Me that needs to find out why my jeans feel so tight lately!

Oh, and it was not me that was so hungry at the grocery store last Friday after school that I went back to the sample of this delicious, creamy, Cabot cheddar cheese 4 times!  Good thing my kids were not with me.

And it was Not Me that in my haste and rush to get to school last week, suggested to my son that he eat some Laffy Taffy and Gummies for breakfast.  I certainly did not tell him that the sugar would energize him at school that day.  Oh that would be bad parenting, and I would not do that….especially since I am a teacher!

Happy Monday!


  1. great list! It was so not me that encouraged my hubby to get subs after the 5 pm church service and host one of the older teens in our home. Like you said: EASY dinner and freed me up to be hospitable, chat on Facebook and still have something yummy for my kids after service. (we usually attend the 11 a.m. one but….had to go to the sat one this week due to rehearsals all the next day). I like your profile pic

  2. And don’t tell me it was not you who re-designed your blog! I like the new look, especially seeing your beautiful face on the sidebar with “about you” 🙂


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